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Sport to Business, Business to Sport and Sport to Sport solutions
Development of a new Products & Services

Sport2Buisness services has proven to deliver great services and products based on the experience and knowledge gain in the Sport. Sport2Sport services look to apply knowledge already delivered in another Sport to a new environment and Business2Sport targets to implement the experience from the Business World into the Sports development. See examples below. 

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services

Customised ERP services for Sports Organisations is a key to their success. The workflow is quite different compared to the normal Business environment and needs a lot more adaptations and customisations. Based on experience, I have been involved in delivering services to not-for-profit and professional Sports Organisations as well as to Schools in a Sport setup. 

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Leadership & Management services

Understanding Leadership is a key to success in both, Business and Sports Worlds. Key skills though in Sports like discipline, attitude, coachability are also key for Business success. Leadership styles adapted in Business are as well applicable in Sports. Research in Dual-Careers area shows that Leadership potential could be significantly influenced by implementing different practices. 

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Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Specialist

Lifestyle Assessments are key HRV measurements of Employees, Management and Executives which gives a detailed overview of the general and work-related lifestyle and the potential issues and challenges which this will be able to explore and toggle together with a Assessment Specialist. I've had the opportunity to profile this and link it with the HRV/HR Consultant data. It deferenticate strongly with the PQ coaching, as the PQ coaching is mainly performance related, rather than wellbeing-related. 

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PQ and 3Q Coaching

PQ or Physiological Quotient redefines the typical HRV data in a language which is understood and relevant for the Executives, Managers and Companies. It's differentiate compared to the rest of the Wellness providers, including Firstbeat, Bittium, Whoop, in a way which doesn't conflict the different data points but implicates the relations with the IQ and EQ data. It is designed to link with IQ and EQ instead of just observing the body systems. 

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Firstbeat Sports Consutlant

Relevant for Sports-related Organisations. I've worked with a number of Sports Organisations, Sports Schools and Universities with the goal to educate the coaches and help them integrate the specific HRV and HR data in the best possible way within their services. 
Integrating proper HR/HRV technologies is a key in nowadays to successfully develop a relevant Planning and Periodisation programmes.

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Sport 2 business

Transfer sport expertise and IP to the Business

sport 2 sport

Transfer one Sport expertise to another Sport

Business 2 Sport

Transfer business expertise and IP to the Sport