Sport Organisations or Clubs challenging the status quo

Sport Entrepreneurship

Many sport organisations function in an "old-fashion", very heavy setup which many times makes them slow to move forward, inflexible and very hard to change. 

This is where Sport Entrepreneuership comes in place. It brings the best from the startup approach used in Venture capital firms for a new companies. This approach integrates the so-called Lean-Development cycle which allows a team to stay small, flexible, very light (or lean) and achieve every more compared to a heavy setup. 

My personal believe is that most Sport organisations have to restructure to this approach, so they can thrive, not just survive. The bigger organisations could also integrate this approach in a slightly different way (per department for example). 

In general, a Sport Entrepreneurship helps an organisation to have:

  • Lean, flexible team with minimal costs
  • Highly innovative way
  • Keeps everyone highly motivated 
  • Moves the organisation with much higher intensity towards the vision and mission it might have

Since 2020, I have been actively developing into the space of pure Sport Entrepreneurship with the focus to help organisations achieve their best. I have had the opportunity to help smaller Clubs to a much larger Organisations to achieve more with less. 

Sport based startups and technologies related to Startups or Companies

Business Entrepreneurship

New Startups or Companies related to the sport often need to understand the specific sport industry, the coaches, athletes and parent groups and at the end build relevant business proposition and product for the same. 

Some companies are looking for a way to build products for non-sport people based on experiences and knowledge coming from the Sport domain. 

In my experience, the companies are not aware of the existing good practices and what part of those could be transferred in the non-sporting World in a way which could make a difference. 

The business consultancy and entrepreneurship goes hand by hand with product development and innovation and helps Companies looking to get the best knowledge, experience and/or innovations from sports to succeed. 

Why some changes happen and other don't

Leadership & Management

For years, I have avoided the pure side of leadership and management as I preferred to focus on how to achieve better results, either in coaching or in product development. Later I realised that during this phase, I was the "expert" but never the leader. 

Only later on my career, I was able to "switch" and start raising coaches or colleagues around me who at the end became better than I am in some of the key areas. I realised, that this is the only way forward for me - to push even further what could be achieved via different styles of leadership, supported via proper management practices. This linked very strongly with my current research around the business development. I realised that different countries, achieve similar results in different way, making them unique. I start developing my first version of Leadership & Managmenet framework link to the business methodology I am currently developing.

What the Leadership & Management framework could help an organisation:

  • Analyse the current status of a Sport organisation from both external and internal view. 
  • Understand what type of change is required to get the organisation moving foward
  • Understand what type of Leadership & Management practices are the most suitable in order to achieve the required change
  • Develop consistent methods for tracking the development towards the goals

Building a products which really matters

Product Development

Ideally, product development is about understanding specific customer needs and be able to build relevant product which solves them and the clients are able and willing to pay for this product. 

There are different approaches to analyse the problem, according to what situation you are viewing it from. 

However at the end it all comes to: 

  • How well do you understand the problem. 
  • How well do you understand the current solutions, technologies and potential pathway to a minimum viable product (or MVP). 
  • How fast and easy, you can build such MVP. 
  • How fast and easy you can sell it and grow. 

My experience combining different areas of expertise has been utilised to build different sport-performance programmes, monitoring and assessment profiling, executives real-time physiological profiling and transferring sport science into potential automated coaching frameworks powered by ML algorithms.