Dual-career Environment

        Since I remember myself I have been in a Dual Career (DC) setup. At first, I have combined the Sport and the Study as an athlete, afterwards, I have combined my Coaching career with Business or Additional work. Now I am combining my upcoming PhD with my new Business and Projects.

        The Sport side

        The Sport has given a lot in the area of coaching, sport specific education, understanding the problems and challenges of semi-professional and professional Organisations. 

        The Business side

        The Enterpreneuership, has always been there as part of my character and ambition. Shaping it through success and failure, this has transferred in Products & Services.


        Expertise built upon coaching and developing top-athletes and top coaches. 

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        Expertises related to Enterpreneuershi and tailored to the specific Sport's needs. 

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        Partners &  Projects


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