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On a mission to
Bridge Sport & Business

Transferring the best from both Worlds into new Startups, Products and Services. 

Multiple sources of Motivation, Inspiration, and Creativity.
Dual-career Environment

Since I remember myself I have been in a Dual Career (DC) setup. At first, I have combined the Sport and the Study as an athlete, afterwards, I have combined my Coaching career with Business or Additional work. Now I am combining my upcoming PhD with my new Business and Projects.

The Sport side

I have been a semi-professional Badminton player and part of the Bulgarian National team for some years until I switched to Coaching. I have graduated from the highest level in Denmark (DBF3), specialised in Strength & Conditioning and Mental coaching for Athletes. I had the possibility to develop the first Open Age-related Badminton System and I am now on my journey to justify it as part of my upcoming PhD at Loughborough University (UK)

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The Business side

At the same time as being a semi-professional athlete, I have been working since the age of 16 to support myself. Later on, I continued to work at the same time as coaching, and afterwards, I continued with different Business opportunities and projects. I simply had other passions than just the sport. I love technologies, software development and I always had the desire to apply it to daily life. I just completed a few key projects and product-releases and I am open for more. 

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  • Coaching Athletes & Coaches

  • Education & Seminars

  • Events Leadership & Management

  • Business Services to Sport Organisations

  • Content Development & Research

  • Integration of Business-related Systems

  • Integration of Sport-related Technologies

  • Development of a new Products & Services

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services

  • Leadership & Management services

  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Specialist

  • PQ and 3Q Coaching

  • Firstbeat Sports Consultant

My Latest Work & Projects
PQ Perform

Products & Services oriented around Executive Performance experiencing from the Sport Scientific background

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3Q Total Performance

Online Software System whose goal is to bring Executive Planning & Periodisation alive

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ERP implementation

We have a number of successful ERP implementation with our own Support Staff with extremely short implementation periods

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Dual Career Research

Project about the Dual-Career present situation and upcoming Network Product.

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Dual Career Network

Ongoing project for the development of a DC network for Sportspeople based on the DC research. The project is in Funding phase.

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Badminton Camps in Denmark, Thailand, Bulgaria and Germany

12 years in a row organised camps in different countries around the World. 

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Have been part of the success and failure of different Starups and Organisations both for Profit and Non-for-Profit. 

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Road Tennis Roadmap

I have been a contributor to the project for Road Tennis Development as part of the Loughborough University team. 

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