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Sports services for
Greater Performance
Coaching Athletes

Coaching athletes is what got me going many years ago. Developing the athlete and the person behind is what I believe is the key to success. 

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Coaching Coaches

Transfering knowledge and experience to somebody else is unique process. Simply "pass it forward" so more people could be reached within our lifetime. 

Education & Seminars

Structred, planned education, transfer of experiences, personal relationships is what is all about. Great source of inspiration, motivation and creativity. 

Events Organisation & Management

Camps, conferences, presentations for specific groups is something normal for Sport organisations. Creating a clear output and linking it with the long-terms plans is the key. 

Business Services to Sport Organisations

Bringing the business power to the Non-for-Profit organisations through implementing business processes and strategic management. 

Content Development & Research

Creating customised content with your own brand is more than possible. Customising the goals and the output to fit your own development plan as Organisation. 

Integration of Sport-related Technologies

If your setup is already working well but you need to boost it to another level considering the sport technological accelerators is a great way and a key. Get HR, HRV monitoring, S&C robotics and more. 

Complete Capacity Analysis Reports

Complete capacity analysis. Analysis of an athletes Mental, Physical, Technical and Tactical skills to the details with the possibility to prepare detailed planning and peridisation plan for specific goal (Olympics, Worlds, etc.)

Integration of Business-related Systems

The easiest way to implement business services in a organisation - implement customised ERP system with preset processes, modules and functionalities developed through case studying and research. 

Complete Development System

Since 2008, I have been working on an age-related Development system combining all aspecects of athletes development from Sports and Personal aspects. The system produced results beyond my expectations in my work in Denmark and Germany.

Now I am on a journey to justify it and create the required business setup to accelerate it as part of my PhD in Loughborough University. The system is having a HUGE upgrade and the research is expected to be deliver groundbreaking results.

#PhD #LoughboroughUniversity #IABD

HRV monitoring Environment

I have been researching HRV technology since 2002 but because of specific limitations some of the HRV Sport systems came a long after that. 

In 2014, I had the opportunity to integrate HR and HRV monitoring system (Firstbeat Sports) in the work of the Hamburger Badminton Association where I was employed at the time. Each player owned HR and HRV device and all coaches had access to the HRV monitoring system. Based on the data of Firstbeat, this the 1st implementation of the solution in Badminton as a whole. 

#HRVtechnolgoy #Firstbeat Sports

Advanced S&C with 1080Motion

In 2012, I heart for the first time about the Swidish Company developing unique S&C robotics and I was intrequed to visit them. Together with a colleague of mine we did and got certified with 1080Map (stability and mobility tool) and got to know the 1080Syncro and 1080 Sprint robotics. 

Later on we succeeded to integrate both in the National center in Kaiserslautern (Germany) which was at the time the first integratation of such robotics into a Badminton centre. 

#1080Motion #1080Map

Camps with integrated education

Since many years I have been involved in organised camps in Bulgaria and later on in Denmark. 

What made a difference is when we start looking to integrate coaching clinics together with the camps. We've had some great camps in Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark and Thailand where we succeeded to integrate to different extend transfer of coaching skills, coaches educational content and learning through experience sessions with amazing coaches and collegues like Morten Bjergen (DEN), Kasemsak Chatundja (THA), Coach Pae (THA), Christian Stern (AUT) and many more.