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Kawasaki Passion P5

The features of this racket are dedicated to all players who want maximum versatility. The semi-rigid shaft, the shorter length (293 mm on average) and its 4U weight of 84g (± 2g) are all parameters that together will provide a terrain control of the game. In addition to a high modulus graphite that delivers first-class feel and superior shaft quality for more precision, it develops the high-resilient shaft developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi, carbon with a nano epoxy resin for more power in your strikes. Another innovation: Carbon, which acts as a damper in the rack head, to erase the vibrations, but also maintain the racket for early fracture. The hexagonal frame provides more aerodynamics and strength, to whip the air with power.

Color: Yellow

Frame: 24T High Modulus graphite

Shaft: 30T High modulus graphite

Grip size: G1

Weight: 84 g (+ -1 g)

Balance point: 293 mm (+ – 3 mm)

Length: 675 mm (+ -1 mm)

Stiffness: Medium / Hard

Tension: 18-28 LBS

Strings: No

Level: Beginner

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