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Kawasaki King-K8 is suitable for advanced and offensive players. The hexagonal frame structure and reinforcement of the T-joint make the racket more stable and provides better experience. It also contains high-grade graphite, which is a high-density carbon fiber with superior mechanical properties; high coefficient, high modulus, lightweight, fast vibration damping, sensitivity, stiffness and high torsional strength. For even more power, this badminton racket also contains C60 Fullerene Carbon, a newly discovered industrial material, even stronger than diamond. The density and agility are 100 times higher than steel. This makes the racket stiffer and provides higher speed. Kawasaki gives you a high quality product delivered in a great gift box with some accessories.

Color: Purple & Red

Frame: 30T + 40T High Modulus Graphite

Shaft: 46T High modulus graphite

Weight: 84 g (+ -1 g)

Grip Size: G1

Balance point: 300 mm (+ -2 mm)

Length: 675 mm (+ -1 mm)

Stiffness: Medium / Hard

Level: Advanced

Strings: No

Tension: 18-30 lbs

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