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Dual-career Network and Accelerator

This is a long-term ongoing project gathering Academics, Businesses and Schools to support Athletes and Coaches in their post-career transition or helping them to start their own business. It all started with my Dissertation project - Life after Sport: What Sportspeople do next?

If you want to get involved, please contact me here.

Badmintoo - Sport System

The project is directly related to the scientific findings in my PhD project. The goal is to provide scientifically-based resources for coaches and athletes with integrated digital tools for analysis and development of the skills. 

If you are a coach or academic who want to get involved, please contact me here.

PQ - Physiological Quotient 

A concept, a metric and a corporate identity.

Vision:  To deliver innovative physiological resources to redefine and support executive productive capacity and potential

Mission:  For every major organisation and every ambitious executive to embed PQ's digital resources within their operating model, daily routines and human capital strategy.

Ljutzkanov Limited is the technological partner in the project and supplies the technologies, the data analysis and support. 

3Q =IQ x EQ x PQ  

Exceptional Performance is built upon Geometric Multipliers.

Within the 3Q Total Performance Platform, 8 PQ Parameters are feeding into 3 PQ Dimensions. These map onto 8 IQ Parameters and 3 IQ Dimensions.

Are Anxiety levels linked to Sleep Quality? Is Network Engagement affected by General Stress Levels?

Daily fluctuations are identified and visualised in the 3Q Total Performance Platform.

Road Tennis Development Roadmap  

The goal of the project is to develop Road Tennis to a professional Sport. 

The project is delivered as a subcontractor to Loughborough University and a part of a strong scientific team. 

The project analysis the present situation of the Road Tennis as a national sport in Barbados and discusses the best ways to learn from the pathways already achieved in similar sports like Badminton and Tennis. 

Badminton Camps  

In the past 12 years, I have been leading and managed teams who organised Badminton Camps in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany and Thailand.

The goal of those camps has been to work closely with talents from Europe, contect with other athletes from different environment and culture, learn for each other and develop together. It has been a fantastic experience to see athletes and coaches growth and to have experienced professional and personal development and success. 


As a Business person, I've had a great opportunities to work with amazing people creating unique products, services and experiences. 

I don't know if I have succeeded more than failed but the experienced gained in those projects have played vital role in my understanding of the Business World, the challenges of the Dual-Career setups and my development as a Coach and Director. 

It is part of my character and personality to go "bold and strong", explore areas which very few people dear to go on and I guess, this is also why I've developed products, services and systems which very few people deared to.