Services for exceptional individuals and organisations

I have the privilege to work with exceptional individuals and organisations Worldwide. From one side, I am a professional badminton coach, who also understands the leadership and management challenges an organisation has. On another side, I am a technical business entrepreneur who understands the challenges a business has.

I have built professional players and coaches in the past, facing real-life coaches' challenges. Now I am bringing the best of the business to the sport and enhancing the sport with knowledge from other sports and businesses.

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Services for Organisations

The best support for your organisation. Relevant for highly ambitious organisations who want to make sure that they develop the right way.

System Analysis

Understand what are the current challenges for the whole organisations and all stakeholders involved.

Strategy development

Get help to develop relevant strategy aligning the different goals for all stakeholders involved. Make it work in short and long-term.

System Development

Integrate best key approaches in all relevant areas. Make sure that is done in the most professional way.

Coaches Education

Educate your coaches to align with the Long-term Development Strategy. Make sure that are equipped for the pathway.

Hiring Coaches

Make sure that you hire the best coaches suitable for the short and long-term goals and aims of your Organisation. 

Outsource Coaches

If you are running out of relevant coaches for a short-term event, you can get get a relevant coach in no-time.

Services for Individuals

The best support for your organisation. Relevant for highly ambitious organisations who want to make sure that they develop the right way.

All-in-One profiling

A combination of the mental skills, physical, technical and tactical skills profiling. It gives a complete view on the current situation of the player. 

Mental skills profiling

General and sport-specific profiling of the foundational, performance, personal development and teams skills required to be or become professional player. 

Physical skills profiling

Complete capacity analysis. Includes mobility and stability, agility and change of directions, speed, strength, power and endurance. 

Technical skills profiling

According to the players level, a foundational, advanced or elite technical screening of all strokes. It also introduces the tactical zones for the advanced and elite level. 

Tactical skills profiling

Also called "Tactical mapping", this assessment gives a clear overview of the current challenges a player has related to tactical understanding, zones and application of the current technical skills. 

1-2-1 Coaching and Mentoring

A programme designed to help athletes and coaches along their journey. It is also used as a top-up to the profiling services to develop in-depth programme within the current players environment. 

Online materials and education for all

For athletes, parents and coaches

I spent years developing a holistic system for player development. Currently, I am expanding this system to achieve another level and get it to the World stage (check my PhD).

Meanwhile, I have decided to keep sharing everything already available and support coaches and athletes along their journey. 

Coaches education 

Structured online courses designed for different level of coaches. From teaching very early beginners (age of 5+) to international top players. 

Parent education 

Parents and family environment is a key for success of the athletes. There is a massive need to help parents be able to help their children. 

Athlete education 

Dual-career based education. It targets to understand what means to be a professional player as well as fantastic person. Specific focus on wellbeing, lifestyle and personal development.

Business education for coaches

Without proper business development, a coach can not make it to sustainable profit and they focus on another career. This course is designed to help coaches understand the key concepts in order to make it working for themselves.