My dual career lifestyle


I have always been in a dual career pathway. From the age of 12, when I started badminton and combining studying, to now when I am fully working and combining it with research and coaching. 

I am passionate about change. This is why I specialised in leadership and management. I love coaching, as this is the tool which helps to progress forward. I became a coach so I can help the people to become a better version themselves. What the coaching brought back to me was amazing satisfaction as well as it made me better. So I realised that as much as you give away the more your receive.


As many people will care about this.
By the way, I have never done any of those for the sake of the, right?


DBF 3 certification - DK

DIF badminton certification - DK

DIF strength and conditioning - DK

Psychology and mental training - USA


BSc in Leadership & Management - UK

Sport Business specialisation - UK

Project Management (PMP) - USA

(pending) MBA - USA


Software Architecture - BUL

Python engineering - BUL



Stefan is a dynamic highly motivated dual career individual with a passion for excellence in everything he does. He is an outstanding badminton coach who is constantly looking to validate and improve himself while also being a highly skilled entrepreneur, with clear business expertise. In addition Stefan also has exceptional IT skills and a first-class understanding of technology.

Prof. Mark King - Loughborough University