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Throughout the years we’ve come to understand that each product is only as good as the customer’s ability to use it, so we created a new type of e-commerce which we call educational commerce (or e-du commerce for short).

The concept is quite simple: we offer the necessary tools along with every product or service so every customer can understand it in depth. We are gradually introducing intro videos for each product and service, as well as detailed videos for those who want to know more about it.

We even created test procedures so we can practically collect quality information for products which are usually chosen subjectively based on a feeling rather than an understanding.

"The product is only as good as the user"

Our goal is to offer each product together with specialised education online, offline and hybrid. 
In the end, each of our customers should be able to use our products as a master expert.

We offer

Highly Specialized products in a bunder with an education package

We became partners of some of the World leaders in different areas with the idea to present them to the Badminton World and integrate them fully into the daily business of Organisations. We figure it out that it is only possible if the coaches, administrators and even the badminton athletes can use those products at their full capacity. This is where we differentiate fully from all other resellers and companies on the market. 


Each of the products of 1080 Motion robotics is unique on the market and together with our highly specialised videos with a detailed explanation how to use them for the cases of Badminton training becomes the ultimate solution for Sports Specific and Rehab training on the badminton market. 


Visualcoaching Pro is amazing software, but together with the extra badminton educational videos, planning and periodisations and structures, diaries for badminton, becomes the Ultimate Planning and Periodisation tool. 


ODOO ERP is out of the box software, one of the most complex systems available Worldwide. 

Together with our customisations and our education, Odoo becomes easy to implement within 30 days! 


Firstbeat HR and HRV monitor software is the leader on the market in the team monitoring in real time. 

We show you how to use it out of the box and adapt your structures and training units so you can get the best out of it.