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Another view of the badminton grip

In this video Stefan talks about the importance of the grip and how to teach it properly based on a simple biomechanical principles. 


Improving the power of the smash

Understaing the kinetic chain in every movement is a key to be able to teach it properly. In the case of the smash, it also produces the maximum power output. 


Kinetic chain

What is the kinetic chain? Why is important to understand it and how does it affect the output in the strokes. 
Stefan talks about all the basics around it. 


Basic footwork paterns

In this video Stefan discussed about the basic movement patterns in detailes, but without relating it to specific tactical situations. 


The "bouncer"

One of the favorite strokes of many youngesters. Very deceptive and unpredictable, easy to learn and easy to apply in real game. 


Basic backhand strokes

Preloading of the forarm towards the elbow position? Why? What do you mean exaclty? Or all things you might want to know before going to advanced techniques.