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Beyond Badminton Development

Highly specialized educational blog/website

Hi there!

Welcome to my website and a blog!

My name is Stefan Ljutzkanov, a coach and a person who loves to see players progressing, developing and growing, not only in the badminton aspects but in personal aspects as well. 

During my years of coaching, I had the opportunity to see a lot of young players becoming great stars as well as great stars to stop playing badminton. 

I specialized more and more, graduated different types of courses and somehow (I consider this to a big extend miracle) got to Denmark, where I had the opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches in the World, like Kenneth Larsen, Kim Lynge. 

I decided that I will go beyond the badminton specialized development and learn about Strength and Conditioning, Mental training and Sports organisation to a completely different level. My goal was clear: I wanted to be able to develop top players from scratch, be able to re-organise and re-structure any kind of a Club or Association and make it successful. 

I have gathers some experience and my ambitions went to new heights. 

I am at the moment working to complete the first Completely Open-sourced badminton system, which you can customize, change and develop however you want. 

With my blog and website, I want to give away as much as possible free and high-quality information which could be used almost "straight out of the box". 

 I hope you enjoy it!


Our Team